Technique and creative process:

I work with stoneware and refractory, thin-grog clay. The techniques I mostly use are wheel, slab roller, slipcasting, press mold and handbuilding.

Once a piece is dry, I bake it at 1.000 ºC/ 1.832F.
Then, I work the bisques with wax resist technique, and apply slips and glazes that I have designed myself after careful research. The result is a combination of colors and textures, matt and gloss finish.

Finally, I bake the pieces a second time, now at 1285 ºC/ 2345F. The result is a hard piece, resistant  to everyday use as well as to external agents.

See the gallery for a varied sample of my work. You find unique, functional, and decorative pieces, such as dinner sets, bowls, mirrors, lamps, goblets, trays, and on-order pieces..

Tel. (+34) 662 337 697

El Masnou (Barcelona)

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