Recently, somebody asked me how long I have been a ceramist. I thought about it for a while, and realized it is more than 30 years now that I had my first contact with this art form. I remember well my first steps at Caolí School, and working with Jordi Aguadé. Then it came our first workshop, with Carlos Carranza, and finally my own studio and factory at El Masnou, where I've worked with many collaborators.

El Maresme, the coastal area north of Barcelona, and particularly its clear, limpid light, are responsibles for who I am as an artist and artisan. Working with stoneware, a meterial of great hardness and resistence once baked at 1285ºC/ 2345F., allows me to design ceramics for daily use, and to contribute to take ceramics into our homes and daily life. Moreover, the decoration with wax resist technique helps me to combine textures (matt, gloss) and colors in a way I particularly enjoy.

Tel. (+34) 662 337 697

El Masnou (Barcelona)

Pau Costa

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